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Winter Update

Winter got an early start and it is still going strong.  I haven’t been online much since there is so much work in the winter with the livestock.  I thought I would post a photo update.  IMG_6222 IMG_6346

The sheep have enjoyed being in the barn away from the winter weather.  They are a tad bit spoiled as are the horses and livestock guardian dogs!  They have all been spending a lot of time in the barn!

IMG_6379 IMG_6381 Breakfast in the barn! IMG_6423

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What’s Going On…

Summer is finally here.  It has been so busy around here! I have to get my blog caught up!!  The lambs are growing fast and so are the weeds!  I had a skunk move in under the chicken coop and have been trying to trap it.  So far, I have caught barn cats and raccoons.  Maybe tonight I will catch the skunk? The chickens have not seemed to notice the smelly skunk.  I guess they have been too busy laying eggs.



The spring rains were great for the hay fields.  We have the barns full of round bales and square bales..

round bales



I snapped a couple of photos of the Wensleydales “wool on the hoof” when I was worming the sheep.

wool on hoof1 wool on hoof2



I took some time to knit some socks on my circular sock machine.  I knit the ones below with Regia Blitz Color yarn.  They turned out great and I love the way the yarn knit up.

IMG_4466 csm sock



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Cormo Fleece Available

My Cormo have been sheared and I have a couple of fleeces that have not been spoken for.  The sheep were coated all year.  This is the prime coated fleece.  It is $25 per pound raw.  Shipping is extra.  (You can estimate shipping at USPS   Shipping from 45013.)  Fleece is sold by the whole fleece or by the pound.  When inquiring about fleece, please send your Paypal email address and zipcode.  I will email you a Paypal invoice.  If you do not have Paypal account, include your zipcode.  I can email you a Paypal invoice.  You can pay via credit card through the Paypal link on the invoice.  Contact me via the “Contact Us” link on my website homepage.  The link is in the upper right hand corner.

Update:  All the fleeces have sold.  Thank you!






Alicia 7lb 14oz




Alec Ram 7lb 6oz


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Spring (Shearing) is Here!

The Cormo sheep have been sheared and I will be skirting fleeces for the next couple of days.  Most of the fleeces have been spoken for, but there may be a couple of extras.  I will send out a newsletter with information about remaining fleeces (if there are any).

Snack Time
Snack Time

I took the above photo when the ewes came in from the pasture in the evening.  The pastures are very lush, so I do not need to feed the sheep grain.  I give them a just a little grain to get them to come in paddock near the house at night.  The coyotes don’t tend to come too close to the house.  My Great Pyrenees does a great job of protecting the sheep from pedators, but I feel better knowing they are not too far from the house during the night…






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What’s Been Going ON?

Newborn Wensleydale Lamb

We had some beautiful lambs this year.  We did have a few bottle lambs.  The bottle lambs are a lot of work, so the shop was on a bit of a vacation for awhile.  The lambs are now all weaned and doing great!  Now there is finally time to get back to washing and dyeing fleece and locks.  I should have some washed and dyed locks ready to list in the shop some time this week!!

We took a weekend trip to Lexington last weekend to attend the Kentucky Sheep and Wool Festival.

Some Sheep at the KY Sheep and Wool Festival

We attended the festival as “shoppers” not as a vendor!  There were lots of great vendors there.  They also had a skein and fleece competition.  We plan on going down to the festival again next year.  I may even enter some of my fleeces in the competition!

While we were in Kentucky, we took a trip to Midway to visit the Wiesenberger Mill.  The mill processes locally grown wheat into bread and pastry flours.  They also have some really good mixes you can buy from their online shop.  The muffin mix is great!

Weisenberger Mill
Mill Stone


On the way down to Lexington, we headed over to the Woolery in Frankfort, KY.

The Woolery

I have shopped the Woolery online, but have never had the chance to go to their brick and mortar store.  The store has a great selection of weaving books and supplies along with lots of spinning equipment and fibers.

We stayed at the Gratz Park Inn over the weekend and dined at our favorite restaurant, Jonathan’s which is located in the hotel.  We plan on repeating the whole entire trip next year!

gratz park inn
Gratz Park Inn



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Feathers and Fluff…

Every once in a while, I will pick up some feathers from around the farm.  I have guinea fowl.  Their feathers are beautiful and unique.  They do take dye well.  I have dyed a few.  I still have not used them for anything.  I know they work well as an “add in” to art yarn.  I just don’t think I would ever wear anything with feathers in it.

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